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Cobb County Commission District 4: Who will run as the Republican- or is Woody Thompson just pulling our leg that he switched parties to become a Democrat? October 8, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Cobb County Commission, Your Comments on Other issues.

As we all know, Woody Thompson switched parties and became a democrat last July to campaign against Annette Kesting to win the democrat nomination.  Who would you suggest would be a great Republican candidate to win this seat back in Cobb County for 2008?  What would be the winning coalition for republicans to take back the seat?



1. southcobbgop - October 8, 2007

Let’s see… Thompson lost by 2,000 votes in 2004 to Annette Kesting in the general election. I don’t know if REpublicans will cross over for him– or if that is his wish in the democrat primary. I know of some that have shown interest to run as the republican, but it’s going to take some campaign cash.

2. Rodman - October 9, 2007

I think Woody Thompson is the right person – Democrat or Republican. During his tenure on the Cobb Commission he showed outstanding leadership. After Ms. Kesting’s term as commissioner, I think that would be a refreshing change.

3. Jesse Brent - October 11, 2007

He is no Republican. He endorsed Terry Johnson (D) for House #37 instead of supporting Cindye Coates (R).

4. Rodman - October 11, 2007

But as someone who actually lives in District 4, I would rather have Woody any day than Annette Kesting. I don’t care if he is Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent.

5. Rodman - October 11, 2007

It’s competence that counts – not party. Woody got west Cobb the aquatic center, the Powder Springs Public Library, and the Mableton House.

6. rchamp - October 11, 2007


so it’s all about the money you get in your district. That’s BULL****! What about principles of what the party stands for? Woody has always been a democrat helping out his old south buddies. What has he done to contain growth? We need to find a republican to run against this guy. Woody said his party left him, when in fact, he left it, to get rich by being in public office. He never went after the black vote before, but now he will play lip service.

7. Rodman - October 11, 2007


It’s about results and competence. If it’s about principles, like you say, and if he’s always been a Democrat, as you say, hasn’t he shown his principles by becoming a Democrat? Also, at the time, west Cobb needed growth. I lived out there when it was nothing but pastures.

8. rchamp - October 11, 2007


so are you saying there is no difference between dems and repubs?

9. Rodman - October 11, 2007

rchamp –

I’m reminded of what Mayor LaGuardia of NYC said, “There is no Republican or Democrat way to keep the streets clean.” Besides, Woody Thompson has not been a commissioner for four years. What has Annette Kesting done about growth and for District 4?

10. Rodman - October 11, 2007

Excuse me, I mean three years.

11. atlantaconservative - October 12, 2007

Jesse- You are right, Woody is just showing his true colors.

12. Rodman - October 12, 2007


To me, compentence is better that party idenity.

13. atlantaconservative - October 22, 2007

I disagree with you Rodman. Competence is not better than party identity. Even though I don’t live in district 4, I can’t understand why you would want a commissioner with democrat values making decisions that affect you and your neighborhood? A comment like yours makes me wonder what side of the political divide you stand on. We need to make sure that a Republican with REAL republican values wins that seat.

14. Rodman - October 23, 2007


So you would rather have an incompetent Republican than an effective Democrat? As far as where I stand on the political spectrum, I’m a Republican; however, I’m also a REALISTIC Republican. A Republican is not going to win in that area, but a proven, conservative Democrat will. Which begs the question, are you more interested if someone is a Republican or a compentent conservative?

15. Sal Gentile - March 13, 2008

If you’re a republican I would think you would cross over for Woody Thompson. Woody Thompson has always been a proven leader when it comes to Cobb County. Annette Kestings had done little or nothing for the district, where as Mr. Thompson has worked tirelessly and achieved numerous accomplishments that have benifited this district and all it’s residents. Mr. Thompson is the best candidate for the commissioners seat, he is the only one that can be trusted to make solid business decisions and accomplish goals for the county. Vote Woody for change!

16. Rodman - March 18, 2008

Sal Gentile:


17. Teresa Jones - March 21, 2008

We need Woody Thompson back in our District. Annette Kestings needs to clean up her own house. If she can’t run her own business, do we really want her running Cobb County?

18. Dave3200 - April 7, 2008

Woody will not be the only competent challenger to the District 4 commission spot. Clarice Barber-Page has been serving the people of District 4 for years, often arguing toe-to-toe with Kesting in zoning meetings when Kesting attempted to ram distasteful development into South Cobb neighborhoods. There is another democrat challenger likely to enter that side of the race, as well. In addition, Barbara Hickey, a polished Republican, has high hopes of disrupting the Democrat stronghold on the District. Kesting is unlikely to survive.

19. hmarty - April 14, 2008

I live in District 4 and I’m ashamed to say it! What a disgrace! Educating the voters in District 4 of her total incompetence is going to be the key to get her out of office. Then New Order National Human Rights, Gerald Rose is now on the scene and he stated clearly at Ms. Kesting’s “news conference” on Friday, April 12, that there are not enough African Americans serving in Cobb Government as there are in other surrounding counties! I guess he wants Cobb County government to resemble the City of Lithonia. God help us! Check out the videos from the news conference.


20. Blane Vick - May 28, 2008

Forget party politics, it is clear that Woody Thompson is the most qualified. I could not believe the ignorance shown by so many voters in 2004 (The ones that did not vote, as well as the ones that voted for Kesting). Woody Thompson was very successful in getting things done and I wish him all the best.

21. Kirk Charles - June 13, 2008

As a business owner I have had face to face meetings with former Commisioner Thompson and current Commisioner Kestings. I have also attended several town hall meetings chaired by both. The difference was amazing. The level of knowlege of county affairs, the respect shown to the public, the willingness to be helpful: All of these things Commisioner Thompson had and current Commisioner Kestings lacks.

22. Thomas c. Reister 1028 dalby way austell,30106 - June 29, 2008

Mr. thompson its a crying shame that you and cobb county let a business run in a nieborhood llike Miltons tree service. It is located between the walking trail and concord road on hicks road.I know that you have to pass this eyesore on your many duties around the south cobb area. The home there are not $400.000 places to live but I would think the people have pride, they do cut there grass, there yards are neat. You need to look at this, bring it to code; would it happen in North Cobb, doubt it. I am going to bring this up at our homeowners assc. meeting since you are up for election. South Cobb has always been neglected.I thought in the past you cared, now I dont know.

23. jackiemerrill - June 30, 2008

Electing Kesting is what makes our district a joke. She is an Olens puppet and doesn’t have an original thought. She’s done nothing for us, she’s unapproachable and is going to lose hard in the upcoming primary. Woody Thompson got lazy in the last election and thought he would win. To her credit, Kesting campaigned actively and won and shocked the district. It is time for a change. Thompson is not the answer. I am looking on both sides of the aisle this time.

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[…] to Elect Woody Thompson: $1,000 – this one is interesting.  Thompson was apparently a Republican commissioner who lost, then switched parties (to DEMOCRATIC, not Lib) to run in the primary against the woman who […]

25. Dan - August 8, 2008

Woody Thompson will take good care of contributors (which are mostly real estate professionals). Roy Barnes will benefit as well as Otis Brunby. I am sure Alisha Thomas has made it points for her and her husband after the dismissal of Annette Kestings as well. I don’t have anything against Woody other than his affiliation with the Barnes, Brumby and all the developers. I think this is a conflict of interest. I would encourage the readers to go look at Woody Thompson’s contributor disclosures as well as the Concerned Citizens for Cobb PAC. Roy Barnes, Otis Brumby and a host of others in Cobb County Gov. made a slew of money on the SPLOST. Annette, thank you for doing your job. As a common constituent I thank you for always returning my calls and addressing my issues. To the rest of you haters, OBAMA will take care of your arrogant voices in November!

26. Blane Vick - November 21, 2008

Dan, Woody Thompson will take care of his community and everyone in it. Annette Kesting is an absolute embarrassment to Cobb County and obviously YOU are uninformed.

27. Pete - October 17, 2011

Hows Obama working out for youObama lovers now or are you so silly that no matter how worse he makes it, you still blame Bush and everybody else except Obama and his unwise policies that keep businesses off balance with their financial planing and hiring because of his high cost to businesses ObamaCare and the simply ludicris inability of his party to pass a national budget when his party ( the Dems) had both the house and the senate, his own party? Many of his fellow Democrats didnt even want the crappy tax hikes he wants, and they passed on voting yes for them. And to my fellow Blacks out there why do you keep voting for Democrats who dont ever do anything really significant for black people, because they know they got you in their hip pocket, like a strung out teen aged girl falling head over hills for a older sophisticated college man two to four years older than them, just like the older college guy knows he can do the infatiated teen age girl any way he wants to , treat her like a slut, cheat on her, call her names, take her money, come around only when he wants sex,,,, so do black Democrats just give it up to the Dems without using possibly voting for Republicans as a bargainng chip to get greater things and committments to the community from the Dems? I mean why should they ? You gonna vote for them REGARDLESS even if they treat ya like a two dollar street hooker! Im just saying

sam - August 8, 2012

Hey Pete
wake up what you got against teen age girls, i’am sure your mama was a teen age girl, do you think the hate Republicans will treat you any better?

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