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Why alternative grade cards in Cobb? April 10, 2009

Posted by citizengeorgia in Your Comments on Other issues.

With my own children attending Cobb’s public schools, I have increasingly paid attention on the political front regarding the Cobb School Board’s focus or lack of focus on student achievement.

Superintendent Fred Sanderson is pushing for alternative report cards for the Fall for third graders.  Allison Bartlett, a new member on the board, sent out an email to the other board members, asking “Does this improve our student’s academic education? It is our responsibility as board members to evaluate any change in the direction of the education of our students. Sadly, the last board was not consulted prior to the establishment of the new standards based report cards,”  writes Bartlett.

Bartlett continues, “Now, we are rolling out a change for grade 3 without seeing if this change has improved student achievement for a time period. There should be no further roll out until it has been proved without a shadow of doubt that this helps our students achieve, and the CCSD board should be able to review the results and vote on this major policy directional change…”. 

It’s interesting reading the views of the other board members, you can read more about it here.

But the question out there remains, why change the report cards in Cobb?



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