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About Us.

Conservative with a cause with republican and democrat contributors.  Ordinary people deserve a voice in our electoral system and an interface to share their opinions.   We were formed in late November 2002 as an alternative outlet to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Marietta Daily Journal.  We hope you will comment on the various issues that involve all of us.  You can post as an anonymous or have some guts and use your own name.  That’s up to you.



1. Rodman - October 9, 2007

Right on, Citizen Georgia!

2. bibomedia.com - March 8, 2008


3. Dr. Teresa Plenge - May 5, 2008

Let’s get a few facts straight about Teresa Plenge. I did not walk out on a debate with Earl. We were both invited guests at the Saturday Cobb GOP Breakfast. I arrived 45 minutes before the stated beginning time and answered many questions from those present. Earl and I both answered questions for 40 minutes longer than the stated end time of the “debate.” The invitation to be a speaker at this meeting happened only a few days before the meeting. Earl and I both moved around several appointments to be able to meet with concerned Republicans. If that is the WORST thing I did my whole 12 years on the Board, GOOD FOR ME!!!!!!

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