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Final TB count: 212 test positive at 1 chicken plant in Alabama November 2, 2007

Posted by Debbie Dooley in Alabama, Your Comments on Other issues.
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From the article that refers to the two with active cases that help spread TB at the plant: Both employees with active TB disease are Hispanics born in countries with a high incidence of TB, health officials said.”   

What do you want to bet they were illegal and the mainstream media is covering that little tidbit up?  Final TB count: 212 test positive at 1 chicken plant   By Eric Fleischauer   

All of the employees at the Wayne Farms fresh processing plant in Decatur have received tuberculosis skin tests and 212 of them tested positive. Health workers read and tabulated a final batch of tests Wednesday, said Scott Jones, interim director of the State Department of Public Health’s Tuberculosis Control Division. Of the 598 tests administered Monday, 165 tested positive.In skin tests administered to 167 fresh processing employees Oct. 11, 47 tested positive. One of the 47 has active tuberculosis disease, which is contagious.

All told, 28 percent of those who received skin tests at the fresh processing plant tested positive.

Jones said all 165 employees with positive TB results in the most recent tests would receive chest X-rays on Thursday. Doctors will evaluate those X-rays early next week to determine if any of them have signs of active TB disease. Go to the link to read more


Why is Alabama suing to stop the new reservoir for Cobb-Marietta Water Authority? November 1, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Alabama.
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This is a water war where heated rhetoric will continue and continue…  Alabama is suing to try to stop this project.  Why? Guess that Alabama Georgia game on Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a hoot!

Alabama is simply unwilling to allow the Corps to continue its illegal and inequitable operation of these federal resources,” Alabama Attorney General Troy King said in a press release two days after the civil action filing. “The Corps has a longstanding pattern of favoring Georgia over Alabama in its operations at Lake Allatoona, and the Corps’ actions have only gotten worse during the unprecedented drought we are experiencing.”

“Alabama will not stand by and let the insatiable water demands of Atlanta trump the vital downstream interests in our state,” King said. “I will continue to work closely with (Alabama Gov. Bob Riley), the Alabama congressional delegation, and affected stakeholders to ensure that Alabama’s interests are protected.”

Here’s the article.