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Bill Byrne responds to Olens guest column. October 24, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Cobb Commission.

Note: We are open at any time for letters to the editor. As well, we will do our best to ensure balance when it comes to contested primaries.

Dear Anthony:

Today, I read with utter amazement, the guest editorial, by Sam Olens, concerning the continuing drought conditions. The editorial titled: “Feds must help us to weather drought” passes on leadership responsibility to others rather than make the difficult decisions as Chairman of Cobb County. He states: “Our pending disaster, is man made, but can be diverted by reasoned leadership on the part of President Bush and two federal agencies-the Corps of Engineers and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.” We are in the third year of a projected five year drought condition and Sam Olens has taken absolutely no action, as Cobb’s or ARC Chairman to address the issue to CONTROL COBB’S GROWTH that has drained our assets almost dry.

This is typical Sam Olens, the lack of leadership and redirecting failure with the blame game. He closes his article by stating: “It would be a crime for our president and the two federal agencies involved to be fully aware, this time, of such an impending disaster for yet another major American city this decade-and just sit by and watch it happen.” Blaming President Bush for Katrina and our refusal to manage our growth properly, is a new low, for even Sam Olens.

In the five years Olens has been Cobb’s Chairman, he has not been required to deal with a single crisis.  Our water crisis is the first major issue for his administration and he chooses not to lead but to play the “blame game”.


Bill Byrne

Republican Candidate for Chairman

Cobb County Board of Commissioners


Install low flow toilets and get up to $100 rebate! October 22, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Cobb Commission.
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Under a plan by the Cobb County Commission homeowners and businesses that install low flow toilets will be eligible for credits on their water bill. But what if I don’t have a low flow?  Does that mean that one day I will be penalized?  Will Cobb government mandate that all households will need low flow toilets?