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GAGOP Executive Committee Selects Candidates for Republican Presidential Preference Primary October 30, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Georgia Republican Party.

On Monday, October 29th, Chairman Sue Everhart convened the Georgia Republican Party Executive Committee to select the presidential candidates that will appear on the Republican Ballot for the February 5th, 2007 Presidential Preference Primary. Georgia Code § 21-2-193 requires the Executive Committee of both state parties to submit a list of candidates to appear on the presidential ballot.

Below is the list of names approved by the Executive Committee of The Georgia Republican Party:

• Rudy Giuliani
• Mike Hukabee
• Duncan Hunter
• Alan Keyes
• John McCain
• Ron Paul
• Mitt Romney
• Tom Tancredo
• Fred Thompson


Do you feel Christian conservatives are losing their clout within the Republican Party? October 9, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Georgia Republican Party, Your Comments on Other issues.

In today’s MDJ, Matt Towery makes his case about a new survey showing religous conservatives are having a shrinking influence in GOP politics.  He doesn’t mention Georgia specifically in the actual  survey, but does conclude that “former Christian Coalition national director Ralph Reed was solidly defeated in a bid for his state’s nomination for lieutenant governor. In fact, Georgia’s true Christian Coalition actually disbanded and regrouped under a different name”.    What’s your take?  My wife and I were not able to attend Sadie’s Christian Alliance event on Saturday due to my son’s team being 5-0 in his youth football league and playing Saturday night.  We heard the event was great.  So, read Towery’s conclusions, then answer this question: Is the Georgia GOP more moderate today, then it was 10 years ago? And, what does it mean for Christian conservatives?