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What does the family of Bobby Jones have to do with our area’s future water? October 26, 2007

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Generosity.  They donated the land for the soon-to-be new Hickory Log Creek Dam and Reservoir.  It is good to see such great foresight by the Cobb County Water Authority to have capitalized on this back in 1999.   Don McKee give some great background here.

Is this guy in la la land? Of course population growth is part of the problem! October 23, 2007

Posted by citizengeorgia in Water.

Today, Sam Olens writes as a guest columnist in the AJC.   You can read the article here.  He writes,

“The water usage of metro Atlanta is not the cause of this current, acute situation. Neither is the region’s population growth. In fact, Atlanta is the only major metropolitan area in the country with a comprehensive water conservation program that is required and enforced.”

So all of the experts at the Corps who keep warning us that Lanier cannot sustain our population are wrong.  Is Olens saying, that with all of the new population growth, that all these new people don’t drink and use water?